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Several years ago I mentored a small group of high school boys. We met weekly for Bible study, fellowship, shared prayer and discipleship. There came a time when the issue of sexual impurity was brought up and I wanted to begin to discuss this issue with them. I wanted to do a book study – so I went looking for a book that we could read together to address sexual impurity in young men. I was very specific in what I wanted them to read. In particular I wanted a book with 3 key criteria:

  1. I wanted a book that specifically addressed the topics of masturbation and pornography with the intention of mentoring young men through the issue and creating a detailed and specific battle plan to guide a young man through the battle.
  2. I wanted a book that involved God in the battle – disposing a person to grace and leading them to an encounter with Jesus Christ. In my experience, purity is impossible without God.
  3. I wanted a book that was Catholic – specifically integrating the holistic and life giving principles of Catholic sexual teachings into the book. Real purity is not about saying no to one’s sexuality, it is about saying yes to God’s plan and how he made us. Never have I seen this better articulated than in Catholic teaching.

I wasn’t familiar with a book that did all of three of these things, but I was sure that someone had to have already written this book. After all, this book needed to be written, someone must have filled that need. I emailed every major Catholic chastity speaker that I knew and asked them where I could find a Catholic book integrating discipleship, sexual addiction and Catholic teaching for young men. To my great surprise, no one had written the book. One of the speakers said that he had a small booklet for young men, with a few pages devoted to the topic of masturbation. I continued to email the group, thinking that they must know someone that has written this type of book. Nobody had.

I prayed about the challenge… and realized that I had a lot to offer on this particular subject. Conquering sexual impurity was a major turning point in my own life and that turning point had everything to do with the man that I have become. I came to realize that my own journey and testimony might be helpful in helping to raise up real men and affecting much needed change in our culture.

Two years later, I am excited to announce that my first book – a chastity and mentoring book for young men – was released this week. Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation can be purchased through Ignatius Book. The book has three goals in mind for the reader:

  1. To give advice, encouragement and a detailed plan in battling sexual impurity.
  2. To replace the desire to objectify women with a full understanding of the relationship between love, sex and manhood – inspiring the reader to live sexual purity with joy, happiness and freedom.
  3. To help the reader journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ – who is the source of all that is pure and beautiful and who can provide grace and strength for the journey from addiction to freedom.

If all three of these goals are accomplished in your life, you will be a new man – a REAL MAN. Please consider ordering a copy of Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation today