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  1. Every relationship ends in one of two ways, you either get married or you break up. If you know that you are not going to marry the person you are dating, you NEED to break up! Remaining in the relationship means you are delaying the inevitable and you are taking yourself off of the market for your real true love.
  1. It is healthy to consider that someone else may in fact be the future spouse of your current boyfriend/girlfriend.
  1. Pray with your boyfriend/girlfriend. God already has the perfect person picked out for you and the perfect plan for you. You can’t find a better plan than God’s plan. You can’t find a better partner than the one that God created just for you! Pray to God with your boyfriend/girlfriend so that you will both know what God’s plan is.
  1. Never make serious life decisions while in a state of spiritual desolation (St. Ignatius Loyola).
  1. A boyfriend/girlfriend that does not make you feel good about yourself is not worth your time! Abusive people will not change. On that note, NEVER date someone that uses and abuses alcohol, drugs, or other substances. This creates a terrible foundation for a relationship.
  1. Especially in the early parts of a relationship, maximize time spent with groups of friends and minimize time spent with just the two of you against the world. You both need other friends besides each other.
  1. It’s OK to be single. Seriously… it is.

The How Far is Too Far Section

  1. Talk about and set boundaries of what is appropriate in your relationship. Avoid temptations that will lead you to sin (dim lights, lying down together, etc). Never attempt to set boundaries in the HEAT OF PASSION!
  1. Always know and practice the difference between:

Affection: Anything that is not a selfish act, but rather positively supports your dating relationship. Examples: Holding hands, hugging, short kisses.

Arousal: Anything that seeks to prepare a person for sexual intercourse should be avoided like the plague. Examples: Deep passionate kissing, groping, genital contact of any kind, oral sex, etc.

  1. Never engage in pre-marital sex! You are GUARENTEED TO GET HURT – either in this relationship or a future relationship.