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Over the past month, I have had many meetings and encounters with adults around the country. As I have met up with some of the young adults that I have mentored over the years, I was blown away by some of their testimonies.

I asked some of the people I met with to write down their testimonies, and these are just some of the statements that I received. This is the fruit of adult mentors pouring into the lives of a handful of teens in small groups:

My life first began to make sense to me when I finally saw God’s love for me. Before our discipleship group, I truly hated and dreaded the thought of going to church every Sunday and all of the sacrifices I felt we had to make to follow what the Bible teaches. I would be a completely different person without you in my life. I have since turned to God in every moment of joy and sorrow.”

A young woman, age 24, that I mentored in a discipleship group as a teenager.


As my prayer life and relationship with God has grown, I am reminded how grateful I am for the presence of you and your family during my high school years.”

A young man, age 24, that I mentored in a discipleship group as a teenager


“There was a time in my life where God and being Catholic was not important at all. I went to Church mostly to please my parents. I was making poor decisions and felt very lost, depressed and alone in my life. I allowed relationships to control me and accepted treatment that no one deserves. My discipleship group changed all that. It was one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me. I changed from someone who believed the Church wasn’t important to someone that seeks Christ in everything that I do. I found my identity in Christ! I met my husband through my Catholic campus ministry and my life has been blessed tremendously because of the mentoring that I received in my formative years of high school. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if God had not put Everett in my path.”

– A newlywed, age 25, that I mentored in a discipleship group

Travels and Retreats

Over the past five weeks, I have traveled to six different states to meet with many people and invite them to financially support the mission of putting mentors into the lives of Catholic teens. I have been tremendously blessed by these travels – and not just financially. Please know that I pray for the mission support team’s intentions daily!

I also was blessed to attend a Men’s Cursillo retreat in Palm Beach, Florida and a Young Adult Charismatic Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (in the house where the Charismatic renewal started). Both of these retreats were spiritually renewing (in completely different ways) and both retreat opportunities came about as a result of a mission supporter’s invitation.

Thank you for these tremendous opportunities to be spiritually renewed! These personal encounters with the Lord would not have been possible without your generosity!

Mission Support Update

St. Andrew Missionaries is preparing for launch this Fall but we cannot launch without being fully funded. I have been blown away by the generosity of those who have come on board the mission support team!

We are hitting the final stretch of fundraising and are still in need of:

(1) One-time launch gift of $25,000

(3) Anchor donors who will give $500 a month

(12) Monthly donors who will give an average of $100 a month

(Any Number) Of generous givers at any level of giving

St. Andrew Missionaries is committed to the mission of supporting parishes in the development of small group discipleship for youth ministry. We plan to pilot our first round of support services for parishes beginning in November 2016. We rely on the generous monthly gifts from people that believe in this mission as our primary means of financial support. Our goal is to support parishes with training and consultation in youth ministry at an affordable price.

Help us get over the start-up hump!

Join the support team, increase your gift or give a one-time donation by clicking the link below:
CLICK HERE to Donate to St. Andrew Missionaries