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“Come have breakfast.” – Jesus (John 21:12).

Of all the incredible stories and passages that are read during the Easter Readings, this is the one verse that stood out to me for the entire Easter Season. It comes from the story of Jesus appearing to His disciples one morning while they were fishing. They did not catch anything all night. The next morning, the resurrected Jesus appeared on the shore. They did not recognize Him at first. He shouted at them, “Cast the net over the right side and you will find something.” The immediately filled their nets with 153 fish.

Simon Peter had seen this miracle before. It happened the same way the day that Jesus first called him to become an apostle. Simon Peter leaps out of the boat and swims to shore, desperate to be with Jesus (he leaves the other disciples to do the hard work of pulling the nets to shore).

There must have been hundreds of questions on Peter’s mind. Peter saw Jesus die. He had seen Him after the Resurrection. News was spreading all over Jerusalem and rumors were starting. Tensions were rising and it was still very dangerous to be called a follower of Jesus Christ. The last time that Peter and Jesus had a conversation was the Last Supper, prior to Peter denying Jesus three times.

If I had been Peter during this time, I would have been a mess.

Peter may have been experiencing fear, confusion, joy, anger and every emotion in between. What does Jesus say to Peter when he comes to shore? “Come have breakfast.”

This struck me hard during the Easter Season.


Because someone would have had to cook the breakfast. This means, while the disciples (especially Peter) were anxious to speak with Jesus and get answers to their many questions, they instead had the responsibility of doing the task of cooking. Jesus would soon ask the disciples to do GREAT THINGS! But first, they had the task of simply cooking breakfast.

I learned this Easter Season, when the mission that Christ gives you seems daunting, simply do the last thing that He told you to do. Take the next step…

St. Andrew Missionaries Update

On May 31, I took the next big step and resigned from my full-time job at St. Mark Catholic Parish in Highlands Ranch. I am now working full-time for the mission of building discipleship youth ministry around the country. On June 30, I will be stepping down from my consulting role at St. Vincent de Paul as well. This was always my plan and agreement with these parishes and I was blessed to work with the youth ministries of these parishes over the last year.

For me, this is a big step forward. I am 33% funded. 31 people have joined the mission support team. This is a fantastic first step! I am 69 people away from having a full mission support team and being fully funded.

For the next 75 days, I will be focusing all of my attention on getting to 100% funding. Beginning in the Fall, I will begin to offer seminars and other products for parishes and dioceses.

Click to become a monthly donor.

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Other Ministry News

Over the past month, I gave a Confirmation retreat for St. Mark Catholic Parish, launched 4 new high school discipleship groups at St. Mark and St. Vincent de Paul, and I made mission support trips to Arizona and Kansas. I also was on the television show, “At Home with Jim and Joy” on EWTN, promoting my book, Freedom.┬áMy book was officially re-released for kiosks by Lighthouse Catholic Media. The book is available in bulk for $5 or less.

Prayer Intention

I am currently working on finding a one-time $50,000 launch gift to help get the launch start-up over the hump and moving. Please pray for this intention. If you happen to know a potential benefactor for a gift of this size, I would appreciate the connection.

I intercede for your prayer intentions at my Holy Hour every morning and in front of the grave site of Mother Angelica when I was in Alabama filming with EWTN.

Please do not hesitate to send me your prayer intentions.

Family Update

On June 3, Katrina and I celebrated 10 years of Holy Matrimony. John Paul is now 8 and just finished a full year of school with straight A’s. He is anxious to make his First Reconciliation and receive First Holy Communion. Jude is 5 and will be entering Kindergarten next year. Esme is 3 and she keeps the entire family busy. Not pictured is Obi Wan Kenobi, our new puppy (and the source of Esme’s many hugs, choke holds and toothpaste baths).

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The Fritz Family at Easter Sunday Mass